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Est. 1990

Beach Villas


Part wholesome caravan park, part designer farm lodge

Area Cape Winelands
Sleeps 2
Price From R750
to R2250 p/day


If you long for a fresh-air and apple-pie holiday inspired by the watermelon-chin memories of childhood but don’t think this needs to come at the cost of conscious creative design, then Old Mac Daddy - just outside Cape Town is for you.
Part wholesome caravan park, part designer farm lodge, Old Mac Daddy Trailer Hotel is a new chapter in adventure, escapism and pure relaxation.
Set on the pine-whispering slopes of a beautiful corner of the Elgin Valley, Old Mac Daddy is a collection of vintage Airstream Trailer Suites, each designed by an artist, designer or creative living and working in Cape Town that is a place for people to stay.
Fully catered and serviced; Old Mac Daddy offers trailer units with artist-themed bedrooms and uber-contemporary living spaces. The Barn (communal area) is a slick but comfortable Scandi-meets-SA space to take in the views, enjoy some good food and dip into the Grolsch bar (Grolsch on tap). The pool and deck is a sure winner on summer days – if you aren’t at the dam – and roaring fireplaces and a library keep it cosy in winter.
Orchards, vineyards, frog-song ponds and dusty mountain-bike roads abound.
We welcome you to enjoy the slow life with us; the warm drone of a bumble bee and the discovery of a creative storybook that finds harmony in the details and purity in design.


MILLS & BOON: Queen bed, built on living unit, the caravan explores the idea of forbidden pleasures with a tongue-in-cheek twist
FOR BETTER OR FOR BOEREWORS: Queen bed, built on living unit, imagine yourself in a dry, dusty paradise of simplicity, honesty and endless, dependable love
LIFE BEFORE COLOUR: Queen bed, en-suite bathroom, indulge in the simple pleasures of the time; brewing a pot of tea, writing a wish–you –were–here postcard, or whiling away an afternoon with a game of chess
DIG'IT: Queen bed, built on living unit, snug in your numerical haven, you can count sheep or let your eyes absorb the dot to dot constellation above your head
THE DREAM: Queen bed, built on living unit, it’s a living canvas in which you too can dream – both awake and asleep – wondering what does lie between those fern fronds and interwoven thickets of protective green leaves
GIVE BEES A CHANCE: Queen bed, built on living unit, guests in this trailer might imagine themselves home from a day of collecting pollen in the fields. Close your eyes and hope that the distant drone of the honey-bee is a sound we will always hear
THE PRIVATE LIFE OF PLANTS: Queen bed, built on living unit, The Private Life of Plants, has a strong green conscience, while retaining a sense of effortless luxury
THE DIRKIE SANCHEZ SUITE: Queen bed, built on living unit, a Mexican mash-up, a libre love truck with plenty of raunchy wrestling-inspired illustrations to inspire some hot new moves
METALMORPHOSIS: Queen bed, built on living unit, with an entirely magnetic interior, one that truly reflects a modern environment. Employing the power of magnets to create a variable, modular environment, guests are invited to reconfigure the interior so that is best reflects their true character
YELLOW SUBMARINE: Queen bed, built on living unit, it’s the ultimate realisation of your James Bond fantasy as you survey the landscape with your fully functional periscope and plot your next move using the L.E.D-lit ocean-floor chart table
KING MIDAS: Queen bed, built on living unit, drink from a golden cup as you imagine yourself blessed with mysterious alchemical powers that can turn any ordinary bar of soap into a block of solid gold. Gold Oreos with golden milk, golden places to lay your golden head
BIRDY: Queen bed, built on living unit, private garden, named after the smallest, cutest vintage Airstream model; it’s the perfect place to put two love birds
DADDY'S VILLA: 3 bedroom, compact kitchen, outdoor bath, lord it up on the hill as you suck in the magnificent view and retreat to the simple, decluttered contemporary interiors to rest and repose